Lending Telescopes Home                                                                                   

Reserve A Telescope

Any parents who can not get to school during school hours for telescope pick-up/drop-off

should contact Mrs. Lockwood for alternative arrangements.





  1. Watch this video first

  2. Check your school calendar for available dates

  3. Email your request

  4. Wait for Confirmation

  5. Check out the site for information before your big night.







Email Your Request


You can take a telescope home for up to one week.

All telescope pickups and returns are to be done in the school library.


email elockwood@norwood.k12.ma.us the following information:


  1. The full name of the adult reserving/picking up the telescope.

  2. The phone number/address of the adult.

  3. The full name of the child using the telescope.

  4. The child's school and the child's teacher.

  5. The day you will pickup the telescope at the school library.

  6. The day you will return the telescope to the school library.

    Include a second and third choice of dates if you like.

  7. Acknowledge you will watch this video before you pickup the telescope.