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The Telescope And Your Car

Introduction To The Telescope

Setting up the Telescope

The Eye Piece

The Finder Scope

The Moon Filter



Lending Telescopes

Saturn   The Globular Cluster of Hercules
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The Circle A little review.
The Compass Rose Find your way around the horizon.
Clinometer Measure angles up from the horizon.
Finding Polaris The North Star; a good place to start.
The Home Star Finder The Circumpolar Constellations.
Finding Latitude Ancient sailors used this skill.
Sky Maps Find objects in the night sky in a given month.
Sky Maps Outside Mr. Haffey looks up.
Using Maps and Planispheres 5 min. with Alan MacRobert.  He is the best.
Print This Month's Sky Map Print page 1; page two can be helpful, may be confusing.
Observing the Moon The easiest object to view in a scope. 
Video made by Sky at Night magazine, U.K.
HINT: Observe Moon before First Quarter and after Third Quarter. 
Otherwise the magnified image will be too bright.
Observing the planets Some are tough to see, some are beautiful.
Using The Telescope
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Putting the telescope into your car Carefully.  Very Carefully.
The Soft Case, telescope parts Unpack and pack the telescope for the car.
Quick look at the parts, how they fit together.
Using The Telescope Short tour of the telescope.
How to get it pointed in the right direction.
The E Z Finder II sighting scope From the people who make the E Z Finder.
Excellent video.
Where To Look
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Moon Phases Short, simple explanation.
The Sky This Week Moon, Stars and planets.
Print This Month's Sky Map Print page 1; page two can be helpful, may be confusing.
Make a Planisphere Adjustable Sky Map for the entire year.
Five visible planets this month Maybe your favorite planet is up there tonight.
Top Ten Objects For Beginners Clickable Star Map for many of the items.
Interactive Sky Map Click date, time and Latitude/Longitude.  Reset them.
The Full Moon Atlas For serious observers. 
Click a region, mouse over the picture for names.
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Mr. Haffey was a volunteer teacher for NASA from 1999 until 2009. 
These are some of his favorite sites.
APOD Astronomy Photograph Of The Day.
Look at Archive and Search features.
Galileo Mission to Jupiter This robot overcame terrible problems.
Some of the most amazing photos and research.
Cassini Mission to Saturn This mission is still active.
Check out the videos, some are stunning
Two Tools For Beginners
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If you are new to telescopes,
these first two items would be helpful.
The Stars, by H. A. Rey One of the best books on the night sky by the author of Curious George.
You need to know your constellations
to find your way around the night sky.
Planisphere Show the night sky for any night of the year, any time of night.  Make sure you buy one for your latitutde (40° to 50° North). 
I have one that glows in the dark!
Sky Map that I use You can find any object of interest with this sky map.
For Intermediate telescope users.

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